Arrangement Outline Behavior

I recently discovered a feature in the arrangement, white outside lines, but the way to get this is weird, I would like to know if this is correct and can I count it as a feature for production…


way to get
set card true
set background color NONE → #FFFFFF00

If its normal, any way to change the outline color from white to another color ?


Use CardView.
Padding , Corner Radius , Elevation And Stroke Color + Width.

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Obrigado !!

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And This :point_down: Extension
To control corner rounding (image 1 and 2)

sadly, cant use this extension with cardview =(

Sorry… I didn’t explain everything … CardView you use the first tip. The extension you use with arrangement and modifies the rounding of the corners. You have to put the color of the transparent arrangement and the extension color only with 6 and not 8 (#FE3344 EXAMPLE )

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Worked, thanks again!

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