{ChatGPT & DALLE2 & Gemini}[paid]: The Ultimate AI Chatbot Solution with Free Quotes and API Service Chat completions API

New update Custom instructions is here !

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does the app have a subscription feature just in case you want to publish it?

do you mean sign up and login system ?

that too.
but i’m talking about a subscription plan for users

No, this is only raw aia file has features of chat GPT you can update it as you want to meet your requirements

okay cool, will i be redirected soon after the purchase or?

Yes as soon as you pay you will be redirected to the download URL and if you have any problem you can DM me

okay cool :+1:

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hi, before i make the purchase i would like to know if the app can retrieve history chats and can they be continued?

Yes , just updated it to add Conversation History


okay great, same link to purchase right?

hi, i made the purchase but i cant see the conversational history feature
can you send me the aia file with feature please

The URL is working but no problem I have sent you the aia file with the conversational history feature ( thanks )

Streaming feature added to V3

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A new feature was added to have more control on chat

You can Test ChatGPT and give feedbacks

New big update for V3

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PaLM_2 Now available in V3

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I bought this plugin
It does not work well
And that the plugin forgets the conversation
You can see the photo below

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