GPT Lite, simple and powerful AI Chatbot

GPT Lite - AI Chat is a cutting-edge Android application that utilizes the power of GPT-3 technology to provide users with an intelligent and intuitive chat experience. With its lightning-fast performance and user-friendly interface, this app is designed to make life easier for its users by answering any questions they may have quickly and accurately.

The app comes with three different language models, each designed to offer users a different set of capabilities. Ada is the most basic model, providing straightforward answers to common questions. Curie is the intermediate model, capable of engaging in more complex conversations and providing detailed insights. Finally, DaVinci is the most advanced model, capable of performing advanced analysis and generating highly detailed responses to even the most complex queries.

One of the most significant benefits of GPT Lite - AI Chat is its simplicity. The app requires no account, and users can start asking questions right away. The intuitive interface makes it easy to find the information you need quickly, saving you valuable time and effort.

Some of the most popular use cases for GPT Lite - AI Chat include getting answers to homework questions, finding information about specific products or services, and troubleshooting technical issues. However, the app’s capabilities go far beyond these basic use cases, making it an invaluable tool for anyone who needs quick and accurate information.

Note : All the estension I’ve used are Free :point_down:

I’ve used the fantastic [F/OS] :brain: Artificial Intelligence and OpenAI! by @Gordon_Lu

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Why the app request some tokens after three questions to the model? When you use ChatGPT in the web, you can ask some questions and does not request tokens.

For all the requests you make, I spend money. Because openAI API is not free. Especially DaVinci. To cover expenses I can’t offer unlimited answers, you can keep using the app for free by watching ads.
Maybe you are right that 500 initial tokens is too little, I will increase in the next update.
Thanks for the feedback and for trying it :pray:

ok, thanks for your explanations. Now I understand better how the openai API works and the whole tokens thing and how your app cover expenses.

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I’ve dropped an update, now you have 1000 tokens to start.
Thank you :pray:

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Good job :+1:t2: very nice :clap:t2:

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I made a huge update

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Url not working…

App removed months ago

Removed by google?