Chatting App Start From Where?!

Hello Kodular Community!

I am here after long research! I just wanted to make an app where users can chat with other users! SIMPLE.
But I have looked through the YouTube tutorials!, Kodular Community, and a lot of other places but I found NOTHING, literally NOTHING!

I just wanted to know where to start! and I have posted a similar question before also and everybody who comes here to give a solution just asks the same thing over and over “What have you tried!” and “Show the Blocks”.
Guys how can I show the blocks when I have no idea to begin where
Sorry for being a little rude.

But please can you tell me where to begin exactly, cause I know you guys have guides to check where to start with but I don’t know why they didn’t help me at ALL

Please do help me!

An example to start with …

If you use search :mag: I’m sure you will find more examples

can you tell me a little more i have already saw that!. like i have chat view up and running and i want user to ad messages, how can i do that cause i can do add massage for on one user but can’t do any for a reply or something