Check if list index is empty

In this piece of blocks, all my entries, users with their respective phone number, e-mail, code and other attributes, return to me, however I would like that if a user had attendance data, this user would not appear on my list. How to do this?


You can use the is empty block of the text drawer.

thanks for sending, but it still didn’t help, I did as you suggested, but in the appointments I registered 2 users who have an indication for an empty appointment date and still showing in the list see:



Thanks for your help

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Hi @Andre_Silva1
I has solved proble like you.
Try block like this

First, creat new variable to place a non-empty list (no_empty)

make sure the spelling is correct. if you use a space after Atendimento: , all Atendimento: must also use a space too.
This is to compare the length of the text with complete data with incomplete data. to return the value 0.

I hope you can understand it.

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