Check multiple google sheets

Hello community, I have developed a verification application. Check with the QR Code, or just with an identifier to type in a text field. the elements to be checked are stored in a google sheet.
currently the app can only check one sheet. so i want to add other sheets so that the application can check not only on a single sheet, but on multiple sheets.
Is it possible to add links from other sheets to my blocks?
If it’s not possible, can you help me to add in my application a system to choose the sheets to check?

Here are my blocks, also where is the link of my google sheet

blocks (20)

My application screenshot :

Add more web component and set each web different url.
When web1 got text but the input things isnt in the sheet then run the web2 component and do this till you get what you need. i did with this idea.

Also you can do this with only 1 web component then you have to make a global variable called request. After web1 got text make some if then else statement for ex:
if request = sheet1
do sheet1 things
if request = sheet2
do sheet2 things

Something like that i hope its helped for you!
Have a nice day

Thank you very much for your answer.
Only I tried to add several web components but it didn’t work.
here is my aia file, it is in the screen4 that these blocks are found.
the screenshot of my google sheet is also there just eb bottom of my aia file. the “ID” column or the “B” column is the one that contains the items to check.
Please help me to modify these blocks if possible.

My aia file :
SOLIDA.aia (851.7 KB)

My google sheet :

the problem is you do not have item to be checked in multiple sheets. it is present in only one sheet, if so multiple web components are no need…

Hello, thank you very much. I had made a file confusion. here is the best file in which I put 3 web components with the links of the different google sheets to check.
but when I type in my text field the ID ) search, it only recognizes IDs that are in the sheet of Web1 component. but when I search for IDs found in other sheets (Web2 and Web3 Component) I have no result.

For the first sheet (Web1) the ID to search for is: 243
it will give as result (name: Grady, email: [email protected], …)

For the second sheet (Web2) the ID to look for is: 27607
it will give as result (name: John Bitafu, email: [email protected], …)

For the third sheet (Web3) the ID to look for is: 34567
it will give as result (name: JOE MUNKENDI, email: [email protected], …)

here is the correct aia file: help me fix my block please
SOLIDA (1).aia (852.5 KB)

i do know whether i understand you correct or not. but check this…

scan or search for an id, once result got, press back button and you are allowded to scan for another one. here i redesigned to scan ID one at a time. Once it over then you can scan for another one after input value

SOLIDA1.aia (854.2 KB)

Thank you so much. I test it a bit. If it’s good I’ll come back to tell you.
the logic is that if the searched value is not in the first google sheet (web component1), it searches for the value in the second google sheet (web component2) and so on. But if the value is found in one of the sheets, the result is displayed. Otherwise, the result will be empty.
So the search must be done in the 3 Google sheets. If in the first the value is not found, go to the second sheet to do the search and if the value is not found, it goes to the 3rd sheet. If in all the sheets the value is not found, I would like the application to display: value not found.
I test then I come back to you.

yeah i understand but see in your gsheet, you are having full details only in one sheet ie. CIA sheet


where as in other there is no such details so cannot be used search. thats why i designed like this else i will readjust

yes, the other sheets are not in the same worksheet. are different leaves. it’s in other spreadsheets.
otherwise I installed the app but it just loads. it does not show the results.

if possible just create a demo gsheet with multiple sheetsalong with requirements(just id with one value in any col)… let me try it

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excuse me, I did not understand very well.

If I’m not mistaken, you are asking me to create a new Google spreadsheet in which there will be several sheets?

exactly kodular

:arrow_right: CHECK MY GSHEET HERE

Okeyy. However if possible check this sample and try to understand the procedure and redesign your screen like this

CheckInMultipleGsheets.aia (41.9 KB)

I have added three sheets and some id values, just change the value and test it. here i have designed in such a way ID present in atleast in any one sheet. I didnt add any logic if the ID no where present. If that too needed slightly need to adjust


CheckInMultipleGsheets(1).aia (42.2 KB)

this method is based on the detailed tutorial/guide written by @TimAi2 at :arrow_right: HERE

Thank you very much, that’s really what I was looking for.
what components can i use to bind a progress bar to this?
that is, the bar will be at 100% if the result is found.

It is difficult/not possible to set because we don’t know where do the id present

I hope you can do it with one more clock component but if the network is low or weak for the user then it will be headache to you. But instead you can use the circular bar or someother Lottie/gif just by increasing the clock 1 timer

But I feel you no need to do that cause user will feel so bored. See this. If I try the above process without clock then result would come within second. But if the id is not in all the sheet then user have to wait till 4sec. Actually do you want really to tell the user about your process?

exactly, you are absolutely right.
Otherwise I was going to ask you maybe one last thing for this project.
I will use your search method for the application I sent you SOLIDA (1).aia. So just the same design of this app. only i would like that if the result is not found,

I want that if the result is not found, a red cross (image) appears. just to show that the result is not found. if it is possible to do it with my SOLIDA (1).aia file
because i will use this design to change cide blocks like you did in demo app

After finishing my works I will readjust your aia

Thank you very much

upload failure success code into asset

add the sheet names

add the exact file names in the required place and try (not tested)

SOLIDA_1.aia (853.3 KB)

Hello, I believe you are well. I tested but there is a message that appears when I type or scan the QR code of the identifier.
Here is the screenShot of the application concerning the message that appears when I try to verify:

But I noticed that in the blocks, there is this block that seems to be missing something:

blocks (21)