Checkbox status after rstart

i has a checkbox cb101. if i check it, even after shutdown and restarted also i wnat it be check only.
so my blocks are there this.

  1. when checkbox cb101 changed, set cb101 enabled to false.
  2. when go buton clicked call tinydb tag cb101 value to store cb101 enabled. (i thinked this only is wher mistak is)
  3. when screen initialized set cb101 checked to call tinydb get value tag cb101.
    can yu persons kindli help

Show your blocks.

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i does not want to becas many boks. but u asked. here it is. blocks (1)

blocks (1) plese yu don mind

@Guru, you can use TinyDB component to store the status of the check box when you change it. Then, you can get it back when you restart the app.

You should learn how to use the Any Component and Generic blocks to avoid so many unnecessary blocks.


yes it is like that now. see, what i wants is, if i checked it, i must not able uncheck till reset. yes, it truly canot unchek now. but if betwin, app is close and open, checkbox is cheked, but i can unchek. this must hapen not. i must not able to unchek till reset. ty