Checking tag from tiny db

hey i want to i have stored 3 item ie (text box text) using tiny db with a tag x,y, i want to check in another screen that if x is in tiny db tag list then…do open anotherscreen how to match aur equate from tiny db tag to text block can any body help me or correct me …

this block in which i want to check.

the screen where i store the value and create the tag:

Your matching block is correct only… in the then condition you have used button visible to true. There you add open another screen

Not working

Show me what you have have set button visible to true, so you can shift the above said blocks in when button1 is clicked

Remove the else if , instead of it just add only else(if else then alone) … in that else you just add the block

  1. Button visb false and another one

ok checking

its Working

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i need one more help

how i can get value related to To a row

suppose i want info related to order no like with order number i want to receive mobile number, product name and all

To do so better you first get all the values in a variable then by using index is in the list block we can get it.

Very simple

ok trying it

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