Child account creation

Hey! I have a problem registering my Ad Manager account. I received an email request from Google Ad Manager to create a child account. I don’t understand what password I need to enter to login? I only know my login that I indicated to receive invite. Sorry for this stupid question, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Don’t worry, your question is fine!
So, we work with Google Ad Manager by “managing” child accounts. Our main account is the parent account, and each user has to create a child account. When you click that “View request” button, you will be redirected to Google Ad Manager, asking to create a child account. That child account will be the one used by us to populate all inventory.

Now that you have that email, just click the button, and follow the steps. You only need a Google account. If you don’t have one (because you don’t use Gmail), take a look to this topic:

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@Diego But, in my case my admob got linked with my ad manager account, it automatically added my apps from admob and those apps are not serving ads & showing that error.

Thanks for the help! But I got another problem. The email I used to create my Ad Manager account is already linked to my Google account. This is a very old account and unfortunately I cannot restore it. I just found this out :(. Can I submit a new request with a new email address?

Also, I want to suggest something, apart from kodular main e-mail account, kodular should add an option of secondary e-mail which will be used for Google ad manager. Issues like these, will increase a lot when it will available to everyone. I believe this might fix issues like these and everyone will be able to start fresh.


Yeah, sure, just PM me the address and I’ll change the invite

@Diego i received invitation link but when i click view request i see this deshboard so please guide how to make account

Click on get started and fill what they want.