Chosen time is already in tinydb

Hello friends, I am setting up a scheduling app, and I would like to know how I would check if the chosen time is already on tinydb. And if a notification appears

I changed your title to something that makes more sense.

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First tell us How will you store the time in tiny DB then we will guide you…

thank you friend

May be this could help you.

If you display the picked time as a text(if you choose time picker for schedule) then it will help you. Instead if you anyother format this procedure could help you…


And in the else block you set up the remaining blocks, i.e if the choosen time is not in the stored time, guide the app to move further…


friend? I tried this method and it didn’t work, would I have another option

ok friend i will try here thank you very much, a hug from brazil

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See friend, in your block there is no tinydb storage with particular tag value. I will let you know soon.

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Tinydb, store locally … is this what you want?

Scheduling app, usually it is to schedule day and time shared with several users.

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Here, I used the tinyDB to store if the value is empty, If it has any value it will show in the lable one by one. We can get the required value alone by adjusting the blocks. This is just an example. You can modify it according to your needs.

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