Circular images

We discourage from using extensions from deephost since he doesn’t support his extensions.


Ohh okayy.

take a card view
make radius 60
insert image and do it according to needs
also, make sure that the image shall be rounded so that it looks gut
u cant either app image component
or background image to it or add an arrangement like vertical arrangement set background to image

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CardView Designer


You could also use a canvas and some blocks trickery to make a circular image:

There is also an extension by Marco Tanzi


Have you try this extension?

Thank you very much for contributing.

Yes, but it didn’t work for me.

excellent I will try

its work for me.

Don’t need extension. Read examples above

I have a problem, look.





what am I doing wrong?

set Scale to fit image


Set card view padding to 0 and radius to minimum 70 for small images…

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use 50 fill

You mean 50PX?

unit does not appear, I just put 50

If you are asking then. In card view width write 70px whole and same for height.

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What i believe is at the point of storing the image you crop it into a circle.
Like for a profile when you are adding a profile picture you add the cropped version initially from the point where the user registers on the app and has to put a profile picture.
This way whenever you need the picture it will always be in a circular format.
Just a tip

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Friend how could I cut it automatically when the user registers.