Circular Progressbar don't work

Hi guys. I have a problem with circular progressbar component. On design time, it’s show animate (it’s moving), but in runtime test on “companion” it’s frozen like this:

Thank you for help

Try testing with a compiled APK, since the Companion has its quirks.

this is not circular progress bar, this is look like an image, because kodular circular bar dosnt have that arrow at start.


Yes, samiu8336… It’s appear look like your example on design time (I just drag and drop kodular circular progress bar, not an image component). But in real time it’s static.

Design time:

Real time (from my cell phone after generate and install apk, [Kanishka_Developer] said):

The circular progress does look like that in some devices that have battery saver switched on or devices which do not have enough RAM to perform UI interactions smoothly.
I suspect this could be the case. Can you try testing on another device?


yes as Vishwas said, try on another device, if you dont have ay other device then send apk so we can check that

Hi Vishwas… I used Xiaomi MI 6 Android 9 and MIUI 11 to test. I believe the problem is not the device

The apk:

progresso.apk (4.8 MB)

One plus 6 - android 9 Your apk is working for me.

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J7- Android 9.0 , works fine for me, circular is working,

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On Galaxy Note8 (Android 9) it works fine.

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Thank’s a lot for feedback. I guess the problem is the MIUI.

No, its working fine on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Android 9) with newest MIUI.

What the theme are you using?

Is your device’s power saving mode on? Because when you enable Power Saving mode, then Android will disable some animations including circular progress bars everywhere (in all apps) as Vishwas said.

Also maybe themes or system modification can cause this problem.

I tested the APK and it worked perfectly, however I couldn’t test with Power Saving mode because Samsung uses different power saving system than pure Android which doesn’t disable animations.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Android 7.0


No, power save mode is off. I tested the application on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S and it worked perfectly. But I tested a banking app on MI 6 and the progress bar doesn’t move either on this app.
So I believe the problem is some setting on the smartphone.

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  • Moto G (1. gen) Android 5.1, 1MB RAM, works
  • Galaxy S3 (Android 4.3, 1MB RAM) works
    (I set minSdkVersion=16)

Maybe 1 GB Ram?


Yes, of course

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