Circular progressbar with timer, without extensions

Hi Koders!

I needed a circular progressbar that shows the progress of a timer. I saw this extension:

but it has a odd behaviour because it get slower as it is reaching the end.

Finally I made a material circular progressbar with canvas, using the “draw arc” component.
This aia is made for cicles of two different period of time.
You can set the duration of the first period of time, the duration of the second period and the number of repetitions (for example, the duration of an excercise, the rest time and the number of repetitions of the cicle) but I think it is easy to adapt to other uses.

Now I know it wasn’t hard to do, but maybe for begginers or intermediate level (like me) this could be usefull.

I hope you like it.

TimerWithCircularProgressBar.aia (6.2 KB)


I would like to use this Guide but the variables are names are not very clear.
Can you translate them to English?

TiempoTotal = Total elapsed time
TiempoInicio = Start moment
DuracionCiclo = Cycle duration

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