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REC_20211226093813987 (3) Material Circular ProgressBar Extension

It is very easy to use. You can see its blocks.
All Blocks :

Updated block in ra2 Version -


Example :

Downloads :

Version ra3-
in.sonraj.cpb.aix (11.3 KB)

Version ra2-
in.sonraj.cpb.aix (8.1 KB)

Version ra1 -
in.sonraj.cpb.aix (8.1 KB)

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Open Source

Used lib-

Thanks to

@iamwsumit for help
@Shreyash for rush


Loving it… :heart:

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Thanks @Still-learning

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Guide us on how to set blocks

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This is an example.


I want to use this extension when uploading photos in my app, nice extension mum, that’s what I was looking for

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Thanks @praveen_hajare

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Nice Extention this is very helpful for me​:ok_hand::heart:

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Thanks @Janidu

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Nice Extension

Can You Show How Can I Use the percentage with timer

For Eg : 30 Sec of timer

Means the progress should work on timer. After timer finish the percentage should 100 and also on passage of time it should increase little bit volue in the percentage.

Btw Nice Extension

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Ok i will work on it now. :grinning:

And you also go with my another extension

this block is useful for you

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Superb :+1: Thanks

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Welcome :grinning: @Decoder_360

Download the latest version

And your solution -
1cpb mili

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(compiling /tmp/runtime5171376252785622841.scm to com.google.youngandroid.runtime)
Kawa compile time: 3.789 seconds
________Invoking DX
DX time: 15.681 seconds
________Invoking ApkBuilder
com.android.sdklib.build.ApkCreationException: Failed to add /tmp/1640239800008_0.9919844598945929-0/youngandroidproject/…/build/tmp/classes2.dex
YAIL compiler - ApkBuilder failed.

the project gives an error when I use this plugin.

Kindly Share your aia.

demo_1.aia (10.1 KB)

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And try to build apk without this extension.

it works when I uninstall the extension.