Clicker game: How can I fix this code?

Ekran Resmi 2020-03-10 17.51.15

So I tried to make a clicker game.Button 1 is the place which people clicks and get the points.Button 2 is the upgrade side. I just want to make second upgrade with 17 points. But the first and the second upgrades codes works together so if I write 17 in the box which writes 11, when I click upgrade 23 points gone but when I do 11 it goes 17 points but I can upgrade in 11 points and this situation happens in every single upgrade so how can fix that problem?

I am trying to understand what you are trying to do. You are only showing part of your blocks. Maybe show everything.

Great that you are making a Clicker game. I made a sample once for use in Appy Builder and App Inventor.


There was a daily challenge on cookie clickers too. You might find something there.


Forgot my own challenge :crazy_face: :joy: :grin: :sunglasses: