Clicking more than one marker

Good morning guys, how are you doing?

I am not managing to make it possible to click on more than one marker in our application using Google Maps. Below is a print of what happened!

Welcome to the community, as the error message says you can not have a duplicate event handler, means that you can not use when Google_Maps1. On Marker Click twice.

What are you trying to achieve, to add markers on your map ? with custom icons ? If so this is not the proper way to do it

I want that when a marker is clicked, that it opens a window showing a photo of my choice. So, I would need each bookmark that I defined, to open a different thing when clicked.

You don’t need duplicate events for that,

You need to make a list which contains all bookmarks that you want and using the for each item block you can detect which bookmark was clicked using the item parameter of for each item block

Something like this ?