Close app one time

i want to if day = 14 then close app just 1 time ( 1 month close app 1 time ), but i dont know how to do.
can somebody suggestion some idea or block
Thank you.

You want to close the on back press or in screen init itself?

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my block is in backpress, but pls tell me in screen init itself

try this!

what happen if user open app at 14 03:11:11 ??

When Day and Time is 14 03:11:10 app will automatically Close after this user will open app again and at that time The time will be more than >14 03:11:11 so your application will not close anymore

It seem all day 14 user cant open app @Still-learning

As i said try this

It will close the app on a 14th day and on a specific time after that user can use the app whole day

I hope meaning of this line is, everymonth on 14th day app must be closed and other days it can continue to work. But keep in mind, unless you get online time user can change the local day and time so they can continue to work

You are wrong . Every month on 14th day(24hr) app won’t open…

my mistake, i mean every month on 14 day, close app one time, user can open app again and use…

It is possible with tinydb (but i used clock compo too)

If day is 14, it. will read tinydb…
If the close value true mean, tinydb will save as close value to false and app close

So another time when open app will open no change in tinydb , it will continue with close value as false

If the day is not equal to 14 then tinydb will reset as close value to true. Then only on next time 14th day app will close

I want similar functionality, but the added condition is that i must be able to do at any time as per my will or after removal of app from playstore