I want to save data in App after Close App

please help me i want save data on App after close App…

You need to use this block :
or this extension:


thank you Mohamed for repaly.

You are welcome :heart_eyes:

Explain exactly what you want to do. You want to save same data when the app is closing or long time after?

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yes exactly save data for example i select date .when im open app show the same date i select.

I didn’t understand. Give an example of what you want to do

my friend look when i select date picker 1 …showing in the first label.i want save this date after close App.when i return to open i want in same date last i select.

So the saving will be done while the app is still open, but you want to keep the data after the app is closed, right?

Just use the tiny db component and save the data you want using it. Then when the app is starting you read the data from tynydb again

U can done this by online with firebase or tiny db