CloudDB error being "spammed" on screen

Hi all !

I don’t ask questions frequently, but I’m currently on a problem for months.

I really love the CloudDB component, for the fast and customisable Redis server. You can do alot of things with Redis, and it’s really secure.

But, I’m facing a problem. When I disconnect my internet, it just spams errors on screen and even after closing the app. It’s really strange and I would like to ask if anyone have a way to fix this.

I’m asking to extensions developers or Kodular staff to make an fixed CloudDB extension or fix it directly. Thanks

Here is the messages that are on screen and showing like 20 times


Anyone?v It’s really annoying.

I’ll assume that nobody have the answer. I will make a #feedback:iwant topic.


component_event (1)


-> Add a "Don't show errors" checkbox for CloudDB

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