CloudDB Hosting

Does anyone ever build your own Redis server and make it work with Kodular through the component CloudDB?
If so, could you please explain to me, step by step how to do it?
I’ve created a Azure instance and the Redis Server side appears to work fine, I’ve created a test app with these blocks:

When the app initializes it says that it’s connected but right away a error message come up:

Really don’t know what to do…

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Please help… I will be billed by Azure in a few days…

Be patient please.

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I didn’t work, but Error says that you are connecting to wrong port and ip check pointing ip and port of azure

Dont Buy any Redis services, Create your own server at your Home itself.

Very dangerous to keep users information at my house :sweat_smile:

We have backups and Slaves to take all the data backup.

You have a sample AIA also. Try this.