Cloud DB Error: Notification Unknown

Hi koders!
I am facing an error while working with cloud db.
In my app after getting to screen 2, nothing’s showing up except an error…

ElectroMarksheetGenerator.aia (2.1 MB)
Please solve this issue.
Thank you!

You will need to setup your own redis server to use the CloudDB component. You are getting that error because you are trying to use the default database but we don’t provide one. Below post might help

Then, I don’t have any problem with my code it seems…
Ok, fine.
But the post you referred is for paid Redis server. Please help me with how to set up my own Redis server for free…
Thank You!

You should use Google to find a free service

I am searching and getting some platforms too (One of which is:, but sorrowly, I am new to coding and without a guide, I will be unable to create a redis server and link to kodular.
Please help.
Thank You!

The cloudDB component does not talk to any of the free redis providers (I know I checked and tested). You will need your own server running redis to use the cloudDB components. You can set this up on your own computer if you wish for testing:

Can anyone tell which block based coding platform provides default redis server? Then I can built the project and import it in that platform and built the apk from there.
Thank you!

App Inventor 2

The provided redis server is really only provided for testing, it should not be used for production apps because MIT cannot guarantee data retention and integrity. You should use your own redis instance.

If I download redis on my computer from “Redis” and set it up then will it give me the server and id to paste there?
And if given will we need to paste in redis server?
And lastly I want to ask that which one will I download the unstable one or stable (6.2) one.
It is written for unstable: This is where all the development happens. Only for hard-core hackers. Use only if you need to test the latest features or performance improvements. This is going to be the next Redis release in a few months.
It is written for stable (6.2): Redis 6.2 includes many new commands and improvements, but no big features. It mainly makes Redis more complete and addresses issues that have been requested by many users frequently or for a long time.
Please tell me…
Thank You!

Follow this guide

I would suggest you use the stable version

Sorry to say that I read the whole but understood a little.
I have downloaded redis on my computer.
My questions-

  1. I think multiple cloud DBs can be managed in single redis server, isn’t it?
  2. What to put in the place of Project ID, redis port (I think 6379), redis server and token respectively?
  3. Is there anything more that I need to do?
    I know its written in the topic but I am unable to understand it as I am not too pro in coding. Please tell it to me simply…
    For Your Convenience:

    Please help me out…
    Thank You!

You can separate your data using keys and sub keys otherwise multiple servers are required to make a cluster

from the guide: This can be whatever you want, it is used to form part of any key or tag you create.Or just leave as "test"

follow the guide, it should be fairly straightforward, or ask a specific question about a specific point in the guide if you are stuck

Got it…
But I am having problem to understand what to put in the place of redis server and token.
1. How to know, what is the computer/server name recognised on the network or the IP address?
2. Unable to understand what to write in token…
Please help me…
Thank you!

Again follow the guide!

  • RedisServer << the computer/server name recognised on the network or the IP address. This is the ip address on the local network of the machine you used to set up your redis server e.g.

  • Token << use the password you used for requirepass in redis_6379.conf

For Redis Server how to get the computer/server name? From where will we get it?
And I can’t still understand what to write in the place of token
Please help me understand it…
Thank You!

computer/server name

In Windows 10 go to settings → System → About - check for device name

Ip address and computer/server name

Open a command prompt window (cmd), type ipconfig /all Host name shown is computer’s name, IPv4 Address shows the ip

That means the host name can be written in redis server, isn’t it?

And now what to write in the place of token?

Again, following the guide:

I can not understand where we put the password because I cannot follow the steps mentioned in the guide as I am using windows not linux…
Please help me out…
Thank You!