ColinTreeListView Element Click problem

By default, the background of the list element is transparent.
I saw in the documentation that this property does not exist.

Click events are restricted to the Icon, Text and Extra Button only.

But if I try to click on the space of line corresponding to the list item, no event will be triggered.
Interestingly, the line separating the items also accepts the click event.

But I need the whole element to accept a click, wherever it is.

How do you get around this problem?

Yes you right only when click on Text, Subtext or Icon, click is registered.
If you touch after the text and the end of the screen click is not registered.
To solve this i’m added spaces at the end of the text and some signs in the end.
You Text (here space to complete the screen ) —.,

I am using colin tree list view with extra button without icon and working fine.

Click events are triggered wherever i click, even in blank space.

I’m test this extension on android 5.1.1 and 6.0 and have these problem

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Mine is 9.

Never checked on other.

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So Sorry i’m missing to say: i solved this add spacer’s and simbols (or text) at end on Text and Subtext

You Text (here space to complete the screen ) —.,
You Subext (here space to complete the screen ) —.,
How many blank spaces, all necesary to fill the screen and last simbols or text at end is out the screen.

I hope that my idea should be understood. I’m sorry for my english

This is a creative solution.
Thank you.

But the correct thing would be to be able to define the background color of the element, so that this event works again.

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I’m glad that my contribution has served to you !!!

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