CollectKing - new original game

What is the name of your app? CollectKing

Describe your app: CollectKing is a double game - shooter and minigolf - which allow you to become the main characters of the action.

Replace the images of the player, the enemies and the background with your photos, those of your friends and your places, and start the adventure!


App Store/Download link:


Because you have In-App Purchases it is part of Google’s Policy that you are required to provide a physical address at which you can be contacted. If you fail to do so they will remove your app soon.


Need to improve ui. Make custom titlebar or create your own. Built in titlebar is not looks good in game app


Two suggestions from a dozens:

  1. make better graphics

  2. have better contrast colours (See this:

  1. the fonts should be mde better, too. For this, the same topic: WIKI about UI/UX

  2. Don’t start with developong the dark mode before the light mode

  3. And at least, Please don’t make the button’s margins, better use other colors for the contrast. only margins look not good.


Oh wait these were 5 suggestions but not 2 whoops :sweat_smile: :grimacing:


Can you explain what you mean by this or show a screenshot?

I mean this pic:

In this pic, we can see *black bg and black buutons/images, etc. What I would want is to not have these outlines which are white, but just to make this button/image another color. I hope you understand what I mean.


These screenshot are the viewer of Kodular creator (idk how it called)
Thats why there are outlines.

Really? Do you think so? And why does he not post pics of the app? He has the app developed and also published, so why? Hmmm?

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Yes ofc

Weird. It would be better and easier if he uses the screenshot of his app.


Yeah, so I thought that. Also, @Vedang said that the

So it’s the shot of the game in @Vedang’s mind, too.
:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:


I see what you mean now. As Watermelonice said these are from the designer. If you zoom in and look carefully at the edges you can see where he has cropped it. I knew they were from the designer but I still thought you might have meant something else.

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Thanks for the advice! I’ve added my address.

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Thanx for your suggestions! :wink:

That’s good because you don’t want your hard work suspended over something minor.

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Unfortunately, since I’ve some issues with USB connection between smartphone and PC, I couldn’t save screenshots of the game, therefore I got them directly from the developing page.

You can export as .apk and install on your phone. :slight_smile:

You can export as .apk and install on your phone. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s what I did, but I wasn’t able to capture screenshots from my phone, therefore I had to make do to take them from the development page.

That’s weird. What phone are you using?

That’s weird. What phone are you using?

Alcatel 1E (very cheap!)

I suggest to store the value “false” or something after the notifier “can we tailor ads for you” is declined. It always appears while gameplay.

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