Collin vertical scroll handler not working

Vertical scroll handler gives me wrong value every time . i have rechecked value with button its gives me right value so there is no problem in logic . can anybody tell me why vertical scroll handler not giving right value

Hope you have declared both the variables to 0 for initializing and what values do you get?

Take care…Screen must NOT be scrollable…

no screen is not scrollable

i have declaired variable recyscle start as 1 and recyle end as 3
after scroll reach bottom they should changed and i am expecting variable recyle start to be changed to 2 and variable end to changed as 5 but i am getting value 9 and 11 respectivly

Did you used register vertical scroll arrangement block on screen initialize event …

i did
thats why it is giving value but problem is values are wrong

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i didnt found my solution on that aia

No please delete it…That an aia i wanted to post on another topic and i accidentally posted here…

Ok sure …

make sure the arrangement is scrollable