Scroll to a perticular component created dynamically in vertical scroll arrangement

i created 200+ card views with label inside the card view, by using dynamic component, i need to scroll to a perticular position (card no)(say card no 25) in the vertical scroll arrangement, i used scroll handler and animation utilies to scroll to perticualr item but didn’t got success.

Note dynamic cards have diffrent height(depending on label text size).
Searched various topics on community but failed to get success.

He are some of my blocks

Hope u help

Try this with blocks:

var yValue= Animation utilities.GetY(“cardView component of yours”).

Once you got the Y value, ScrollHandler.ScrollToY(yValue);

Please try doing something like this.


Already Used this also one, but not successful.

Position given is not accurate (always heigher for all blocks in animation utilies component.