Color change buttons

help to change colors with the buttons, I have three buttons I want to click button 1 is red and the rest are white when pressing button 2 is red and the rest are white and
when you press button 3 it remains red and the rest are white
please help

did you tried anything? did you got any error or stuck somewhere?
bcoz this is very easy to implement, what it needs is logic and that’s what we use in online drag and drop builders
I can tell by looking at your profile that you spend less time on community, so you must have very less knowledge about how everything works here
I suggest you to gain as much knowledge you can so that you don’t have to ask basic implementation like this

answer =
There is block called background color in the block section for every button.
First check background color of your button1. If it is red then nothing will happen but if it is white the change background color of all the 3 buttons using the background color block. So here change button1 background color to red, button2 to white and button3 also to white. You can do the same with all the 3 buttons

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I’m trying to send a small video so you can see how the idea is, can you tell me how I send that video here

Looking at the picture you are looking for a bottom navigation


I have everything else ready, I’m just looking to change the cores to the buttons

that I seek to do as in the video

Are you talking about the listview?

not the change of colors in the words I don’t know if you understand me

watch the video there is a channel change, it is placed red and the others are blank

I just need that change of color in the words, the rest I have it ready

I saw that. But those are not buttons. That is a listview. I guess you have top precisely point out what part of the screen you are talking about.

good something similar but it is the idea that I am looking to make the change of colors in the words you understand me ???

They are the same button but change them to words, do you know that function?

You can use dynamic component extension for making this type of listview and through that it is very easy to change the text color of the selected item of listview

This is a procedure that changes text color with any button click. The color of the button that is clicked changes to red and the rest to white


Sumit kumar
I’m not looking to make a listview I’m only looking to change the colors of the words that are buttons as the video indicates

If that’s what I’m looking for, I’m going to try and let you know dora_paz

Ok… If you don’t wanted to make listview then you can use the method as @dora_paz said for changing the button text color…
But @dora_paz , I think the blocks can be shortened :sweat_smile:

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