Color change buttons

Could you tell me the position of the block? Look, I’m an apprentice, what has been doing just jumping, this please help me more?

Sumit kumar
if that is what I want as dora_paz tells me

What position ? For what ? This is an example, modify code according to your needs

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It is too easy to understand… Look

Just make a list of button that you wanted to be clicked as you shown us on the video…
And then use the same blocks that dora_paz said. Just drag the blocks to your block editor and you’re good to go…
It’s logic is just that…
When any button clicked it will change all the Button’s text color to white except the button that is clicked. And it will change the text color to red of those button that’s clicked.
I hope you understood the logic… :upside_down_face:

I mean if I only play with the icon blocks to make the color change, look, I’m not a programmer, just an amateur

Well I’ll try let’s see what happens, I’m not a programmer with a lot of effort and I’ve made my own apk

Thank you.

a question where I find a set of btones of components???

I already found it thanks for your help I will try

you can try this also. I set all the buttons colour to white and text colour to block after dragging into project.




added text colour too


Hello everyone, I did the dora_paz test
It worked but when I press the button I have to press very hard to make the color change I want it to be smooth when I press the button, how can I achieve that function? Your help please

Did you try anyone of above method suggested in my post?

You could try instead of when any button click to use when any Button.Touch Down Block and see if it works smoother

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dora_paz mmm leave me the same could you send me a drawing to understand please

Gowri SankaR
the truth i will try

Move all blocks below when any Button.Click to when any Button.Touch Down

Gowri SankaR
I did the first test and the botos are not left with a red background

does it notice you

Isn’t ??