Color change buttons

Gowri SankaR
which of the two works like this

second one

I do not see any delay and no need to press hard

Gowri SankaR
thank you are

yes, now it works

I can ask another question other than this topic

post your question…

How do I duplicate Screen1 in the same project back button

Not clear your query

Well, they are not so expecto but my question is if I have my Screen1 project for example with a custon_view I already have used the back button on a button and if I want to add a floating button to share, it will not let me duplicate that button back I do not know if I understand myself

I have a consultation that the ones in the photo come out when I add more than 5 buttons it can help me

Uploading: Duda.png…

you set the blocks wrong

that is and how I correct it is Gowri SankaR

I repeat show us what you have tried

I already found the problem

@Alejandro_Contreras , the problem is in removing the item from the list. It is caused by a button click that is not in the list.

Try these 2 methode of blocks




I am sure it will work because it is working in mine. Make sure to add your all button into a list. Also add your blocks that you want to add like SetTextColor etc

Already method was suggested by Dora and myself with blocks& videobut he is doing mistake somewhere else. Whatever button he add in that procedure no error will be showed

Look closely. You don’t see any thing different in mine blocks?? . Do you really think is there any need of removing the clicked button from the list??

That’s why I already given the reason here.

Look. :upside_down_face:
There is also a different method that i suggested him. Blocks are short and work fine.

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Amazing… How did I miss to think like… very good. Limited blocks and works fine. :clap:

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