Comment system using firebase and chatview

Hello everyone,

I am working on 1 app on kodular and now i want to implement comment system using Firebase data base. Whenever new comment typed in text box and when user click on post button this comment store on firebases database with username and comment and at the same time it also appear on same screen chatview component on app. i successfully store data in following structure when new comment added but i can’t retrieve those data on screen means i didn’t know how to loop over those data Here is some photos…

You mean you want to receive/get data from Firebase?

@Dk1 I think that you should use airtable for it as firebase database is not secure but airtable is secure. For app development we all set it to test mode but it is not secure as your data gets lost.

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Yes and store comments as message of Chat view and Name as title of Chat view

This mans problem is similar to yours. Check it out. You may get the answer for your question.

@Power_Dev Who said Airtable is more secure than Firebase? This is most probably a false info.

@Dk1 to understand how to get, you should learn some json structure, and search for topics like @lxmipaudel suggested.

OK thanks i am searching for solution for problem like me but i didn’t get but no problem i am trying :wink:


This may help You
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