Problem with get tags and values with for loops, Firebase

Hello everyone, i need help to solved a problema that appears when i want to get tag list and value from two different project bucker in firebase .

the problem is when I do the for each, apparently there is a delay between one and the other and the information reaches kodular incompletely. If you see in the images the 2 values of the first tag appear as “empty-string”. Do you know how to solve this? Using a clock?

my blocks, and firebase db:


Why did you start a new topic when you already have one related to this opened??!!

what? i havent. I asked for the same in another topic, but I had not created it.
Have you the solution for my problem?

Ok sorry, I misunderstood you opened both topics

No problem my friend!

You tried calling each tag value one by one,
by using do it and checking if it returns correct value.

Instead of getting value one and again, you can get whole value and tag list at once in the form of JSON.
For example, When you call the get method for ‘Calificacion’, it gives you a JSON data and you can convert that JSON data into a dictionary. So it will be easier to read values for each tag.

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It is not possible because the different project buckets and tags are dynamic and they change as users rate others, it changes all the time, so I need to make a logic compatible with that. then that information is fed into a dynamic cardview. You understand?

Do not use use loop because it doesn’t wait for got value use procedure for get tag list one by one

What you propose is very interesting, I am new to this world of application programming, I do not know very well what JSON files are, could you show me an example of how I could do it with kodular blocks? I would really appreciate it

You can get the JSON data dynamically too. You can set the blocks as; When user rates, load JSON data again.

I will learn how to handle the JSON files that you say in kodular, do you know any tutorial or course where they teach? thanks for your idea

Look at the following guide. All things you need are explained in detail here.

Thanks you so much!