Community not refreshing when clicking Kodular icon

I noticed and update to Discourse over night.
Community does not refresh when clicking the Kodular icon, I just get a spinning circle
Now have to click browser refresh button.
Could be a cache thing ?

For me works fine on Chrome and also on Firefox

And on samsung internet maybe it’s only for you

usually is :wink:

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Now working OK 3 days later, I didn’t change anything. :slight_smile:

I made a “hard rebuild” again to Discourse, something didn’t work properly three days ago :sweat_smile:


Hmmm, works OK when clicking the Kodular icon when in a topic and you want to return to the full list, but still get the spinning circle if just wanting to refresh the full list.

Hmmm, having just got my muscle memory working, going to the browser refresh instead of the K icon, but now it appears to have resolved.

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