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Hi everybody,
i’had to stop my projet during 1 and half year (from feb 22 to aug 23 )and now i’m back. But it seems that there is somes changes on Kodular environment.
The site is apparently closed.
I cannot find now an easy way to check and download extensions (firebase v3 in my case)
Can somebody help me ?
Many Thks

App Buider was closed.

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Only with the name, we can’t find the extension.

Note that Kodular also has built in Firebase components.

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Hi Rogerio, many thks for the link regarding the extensions, i will have a look and will find certainly what i need.

You’re rigth, in Google extension…, i have now to check if it can manage correctly the authentication (it means: in relation with restrictive access rules : “auth.uid != null”). if not i will open a post in an other category.