Cómo puedo recuperar una Screen borrada accidentalmente


Good afternoon, today (April 22, 2020) at approximately 9:39 AM, I mistakenly deleted the Screen Shopping Cart of the project.

I request please help me to recover the project before it has made this change.

I am very grateful for your help and attention.


Manuel Esteban Marín

support account [email protected] does not allow me to send messages

Buena tarde, el día de hoy (22 de abril del 2020) aproximadamente a las 9:39 AM borre por equivocacion la Screen Carritodecompras del proyecto.

Solicito por favor me ayuden a recuperar el proyecto antes de este haber realizado este cambio.

Quedo muy agradecido con su ayuda y atención.


Manuel Esteban Marín

Can’t you make it again?
It is not the whole project… Its a Screen…

yes i should to do it again, but the structure of the data is preocupate to me, that is the reason for make this solicitude

From next time save backup AIAs