I lost the home page of my app

I was using the builder and i accidentaly clicked on remove screen but it was the home page screen with lot of code made in weeks can @Kodular retrieve it? I created a topic cause I have problems creating private messages. @Kodular pls close this and message me

I understand you want us to get your screen back, but please stop tagging @Kodular in every topic!

I’m sorry I didn’t know how to contact you

We read all the posts, so that is your way of contacting us

I’ll keep that in mind sorry

can you help me?

Sander are you still there?

I dont know. You have to wait for another admin to tell you whether you can get it back.

For the next time make local backups of your projects

Don’t you have acces to the makeroid server and backups?

I do have access, but I have no idea how it works

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I’m sorry didn’t want annoy you but do you know who can I ask?

I think @Diego knows about this, but I don’t know if he is back from holidays yet.

thx for your help and also happy anniversary

No problem. I am always happy to help

just one thing can you close the topic?

No, because then the other admins cant help you with this. They’ll close it when this is fixed

Think you are right :sweat_smile:

@Federico_Morrone backups are done by the user with checkpoints as I’ve explained here:

I can’t recover erased data (I’m not on the CIA :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), sorry. We only perform manual backups while making updates, and then they are deleted

guess I’m gona rebuild it

Hi, I suggest Makeroid to auto backup users projects for users who don’t backup and if someone need to restore it because of they didn’t backup, you can ask them to join Premium or pay for restore