Companion and editor layout doesnt look the same

Guys when i do the layout of my app on kodular and then test it on my phone with companion it isnt the same at all how do i fix this

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Some layouts are not fully supported by the companion . The application must be exported to APk to see the results

So i can just create it and let it look good in editor and it should work fine in apk mode?

Exactly., the companion is just to check if there are errors or not

Cool thanks man

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Hello @Lourens_van_Dyk
If you mean for example you put layout in screen and it does’t like your size you want it to be .

solution :-

Such as

As far as I know it is usually related to colors

Are you sure about that

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Yes, there are some elements that the companion does not display correctly, for example the colors in the text box appear in a different color than the color chosen by the user, the side menu makes the application stop if it is called when screen initialize

I don’t think this is the same as saying “isn’t the same at all” most probably they’re having a hard time with sizes