Companion closing in every refresh

companion app crashes in every refresh
it suddenly close with no error message

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It is possible that it has many blocks, but it could also be some “heavy” extension

Scree 1



Wow if you have blocks :flushed:

But it could also be caused by one of the extensions, when trying to load multiple images from the Internet incorrectly or by assets

There are many variables (Not in programming :sweat_smile:)

i have remove all useless extensions and blocks but still companion crashing

I am able to connect to companion and test my app.
I have just 500 blocks and used JSON Utils , colin tree list view and easy dialog extension.

It’s true, it shouldn’t be for that

I have 8 Screens, +3000 blocks in total, and 11 extensions

More blocks=more time
Less blocks=less time

I have not faced that error so many times.
@Hari_Om you should wait for some time and try again.

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it also depends on your mobile’s specifications

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i am using ASUS 6gb ram with 636 Processor


Also how much ram does the phone serve to companion? It cordination of mobile internet and your creator