Companion makes blocks slow!

hello koders

my app is one screen and has like 4K blocks which I believe isn’t too much yet I keep everything organized and use as little blocks as possible…
everything runs nice and smooth like a new project and when I connect the companion the speed stays good nothing to complain about but a refresh of the companion even though the app starts fast and everything loads in a like one or two seconds the site goes into like a 15 seconds of lag city 5 fps or less, blocks don’t connect to each other and all fun stuff and if it is refreshed again during this time the companion crashes…

that’s the sad story IDK if I’m doing something the wrong way, or is it just a limitation of the platform I have to live with or should I just start making more screen even tho I don’t want to as I like to make custom animations in my apps!

any suggestions are helpful

This problem exists in both Kodular and App Inverter. due to this limitation, I had to abandon one project