Companion Crashes

Companion crashes when I scan QR Code…
Could you look into it?

Are you using the latest version (2.2.0)?

Yes, I do.

I assume that you have installed the version I published yesterday, right?
Yesterday I updated the old version

BTW, do you know how to use LogCat?

Yes, I have the 2.2.0

No… I never used it…

P.S.: I have problems with my app for the halloween contest and actually @pavi2410 is helping me… But it seems media isn’t the cause. Could you help me also in this issue?

There were 2 versions which CodeName was 2.2.0 or 220
The one released with the Builder update (the 12) and other released yesterday (the 13). It has the same CodeName but different content

Download latest one and check again please :pray:

With this version it works but sometimes it crashes… it’s better than before…

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Can you get some logs of what happens when it crashes using LogCat?

I’ll try it now…

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