Companion error, progress automatically stop at 37%

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

i am unable to live test my app in companion progress automatically stop at 37%,and After some time companion closed automatically

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how many assets and extensions are you using in your project?

there is no extension and only 2 screens are there in which image,view flipper,some arrengements and lottie animation…

Don’t think lottie works in live test

ok, fine
and how many assets, i.e. images, audio, video files did you upload in the media section into your app?


but previously when try to test with lottie animation it gives error at the time of loading of lottie but in this case it pause at 37% every time

it has only one png and 3 json files for lottie

Hello . Sorry to disturb but again Companion is not working. Please have a look…

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