Compilar proyecto

hello, ask how much is the maximum capacity to compile an application?

Aia File size should be greater than 25/30mb

And how do I know what that limit is, because my application deals with education and there are lessons that I want the application to have, it’s over there

Put it in any database and retrieve it, else compress the pdf and put it in asset. Or compile into apk with less size then edit the aia using apkdecompiler then increase it into any size…

Ref here How to build a big app → APK max. 100 MB or → AAB 150 MB

Already @bodymindpower suggested this method

Thank you very much, the truth is that I have had problems with my application, I have already programmed it 4 times due to the limit…

it won’t let me upload it because it’s too heavy

its compiled aia gives APK-22Mb. I could optimize it and get an APK of approx 12Mb, without removing the assets

I do that by apk decompiler?

No, in principle eliminate the number of unnecessary screens and oversized PDFs, I don’t understand why you have texts in image format instead of using labels, blocks that do not fulfill any function, etc.

I understand, what happens is that I was looking for a way to make one screen per lesson but then I simplified one, but I do need the books to be there because my apk is a study tool for a graduate and I still need to add the videos because it is directed to people without internet access