Exporting stuck at 100% Waiting for download link


when i try to export my app its always stuck at 100% Waiting for download link, everything works fine when i try exporting the AIA

Bianca.aia - Google Drive (AIA File)

but whenever i try exporting the APK or AAB it always gets stuck like this.
i removed alot of the media from the app but it’s still not working.
my internet connection is good.
it doesn’t show any errors or anything

Your project is too big, 29mb. Delete a few images and try again

You can download these images when app initialize and save them in app directory (ASD) so that you can use them as assets. And because of your project size it doesn’t compile.

Use this extension and download your assets to your app directory - Extension to download file(s) to ASD (app-specific directory) without WRITE permission

…or see

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what is the app size limit?


thank’s alot it works now, i just decreased the size of my files

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Excuse me, if my size of project is 30mb, can i to downloading that? And how many time to wait that?

Thankyou, please help me to answer this

No need to wait, because you cannot compile into apk due to oversized

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