I can't launch apk from my App

Even tho I have seen this from time to time I’m not sure

  • Try by clearing browser cache, cookies.
  • How big is your aia.
  • Do you have lots of assets, if so how big are they.
  • How many blocks do you have
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Hi, thanks for answering. The app is true that it has many blocks but really the year only weighs 30 megabytes. I have tested on 3 different computers. I think it is not a cookie or cache problem. If I go into a different project if everything works fine. It is only in this where he is giving me problems.

Apk has a limit of 32MB your aia should be much lesser

aia have to be less than 20 MB in Kodular

Depends on how much of the other stuff you have, so it may vary.

Okay, that must be the problem … well, if that is a big problem, I don’t know how I’m going to lose weight of the app. It has many icons and images and logically that is where the weight goes. I will have to look for a way to externalize the images. Thanks for your help

Sorry, what do you mean by that?

See here:

Blocks, Extensions, Assets

Here is my limit test aia, 20 blocks and the rest is images…

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Ok, maybe the limit is 25 MB, I’m not sure … in AI2 it’s 10 MB.
Maybe we can get reliable information from the Kodular team?

With 30mg of aia I can guarantee it works because it has been working perfectly for me. The problem has been when it has grown, it is now at 32 / 33mg and it no longer works

To clarify the AIA and APK size / limit:

I did a series of tests to get some clarity on this dubious topic (AIA size):

Whether an APK is built depends not only on the AIA size, but on the file types that are in the assets. For non-compressible files (png, jpg, etc.) in the assets, the max. size of the AIA is about 27.2MB (+ 4.7MB, APK size of an empty project) = 31.9MB (max APK size).

For compressible files (wav, txt, etc.) the size is less than 27.2MB. In my case it was 24.5MB at which the APK was no longer built (< 24.5MB, it was built).

So there is actually no precise limit for the AIA, but only for the APK. And this limit is 31.9MB (< 32MB).

Take a close look at this:


In summary:

The (theoretical) limit of an AIA = 27.2MB
(using only non-compressible files in the assets and an empty project).

Because you won’t be creating an empty project, the possible size is definitely smaller than 27.2 MB.

So your statement “With 30mg of aia I can guarantee it works because it has been working perfectly” cannot apply.

Yes, correct

Yes, only apk has it limit which is 32MB, 33554432 Bytes to be exact.

To be precise:

And this theoretical limit which you are talking about will be broken with future updates, so no point pondering more on this

Yes of course, so to be even more precise:
The current (theoretical) limit of an AIA = 27.2MB
but can we be sure that the APK limit stays that way forever …
means that each statement is only valid at the time

That depends on Kodular for a variety of reasons, it might be either reduced or increased, server plan, costs etc. In time we will notice this

the limit also depends on the server load…
so if you compile your project in a time, there is not much going on, you will be able to compile larger apps…
you might want to try compiling during the next soccer world championships as test… :wink: