App Export Problem..!

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I can’t export my project. Yesterday fast time show this error. So I am minimizing my Project Image size 4.48 MB. Today Sow the same problem. My Aia Size is now 2.98MB.

I am searching in the community fiend 2 topic but this topic has no solutions.

You have to give more info then that. You read the other topics. How many blocks, screens, assets. You are not able to export the aia?

Simple designing app. I am using 3 screen.
3 screen has 325+413=738 blocks only.

post your aia here if possible.

Check Your PM.

Set your icon to the default and try again. I used unchive to look at your aia.

I try without icon. but same result.

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If you can not be patient i will stop helping you. You are not allowed to use usernames this way to get attention.

u can try to make only one screen.

Sorry Peter i want to publish my app tomorrow on play store but now i can’t solve this problem so i am excited.

I guess you made regular backups of such an important project so you can go back to a version that worked?

I see this type of solution ( Not able to built app apk )but I can’t understand properly. Please tell me step by step. what should have to do.

If you are working on a serious project you should export an aia once in a while. When i have a serious project i make a backup very often. Sometimes 10 a day.

This is how you can export an aia. I name my backups with the name of the project and date and time when i save them. test201912151104.aia for instance. This won’t help you now with your problem but you should do that in the future.


Project aia file Backup on my computer. then what to do?

Keep it in a save place. And when your project gets corrupted and can not be fixed then you can import your back up.

What causes the Project to be Corrupted.

These type of error often shows me, But here’s the solutions work for me everytime

  1. Check that if the Internet is lost in between your editing on the project OR your internet connection is very much slow.

  2. Refreshing the Page and Opening it again. Makes all things fine

These 2 things always help me. Hope so that it works for u also.


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I guess my Project now Corrupted. I have no Backup now. how can i fix it.

  • Internet
  • Incorrectly uninstallation of extension
  • Unwonted files in assets