I have a problem when i try to export my project

hello guys i have a question, i’m a new member of kodular i have a problem i dont know is it just me or yall face same problem like me , why when i try to export my project its always Stuck in 100 % for a long time like 2-3 ours theres nothing the changes, usually when i try to export theres nothing wrong the qr always pop up if it has been 100 % but right now i can’t donwload my project. so please help me guys

Sound like you project is bigger then 32MB

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so you got instance reply for the expert… Your aia size is seems to be out of bound fo creator to compile in…

i guess so because i have a lot off photo in my assets, so what should i do then?

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It’s mentioned in the community already, next time please use the Search feature. Doing research is always a good thing when learning.