Waiting for the download link

Whole day i can’t recieve link for download. It stuck on 100%. 5 hours ago and now still the same. I refresh page, creator works ok, AIA’s downloads ok. Help please with advice or maybe there some problems on server?

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May be server problem you can see server status from here


Other empty test project works well, QR, links works.
On server status as i can see no problems


Your project may has any issue. Check your used extensions by removing one by one and try to export the project.

There no extensions, only standart instruments. The problem was in .png images, now i try to understand why exactly.

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So is your problem solved now?

i don’t think so, now APK generates, link and QR are works, but when i try to download i get “HTTP response was too large: 33721513. The limit is: 33554432.”
How can i export bigger APK??

I didn’t know about maximum size of application 32mb :neutral_face:
Now will compress images

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