Kodular Error While Exporting

Server error: could not save one or more files. Please try again later!

this is the error which is coming everytime when i am trying to export my app.
In my project their is no any wrong blocks.

i checked every screen also.
and previously i was able to export it but from tomorrow i am not.

i tried a lot.
i exported the aia and created a new project and same error coming there also.
i dont know how to fix it. plz help me if you can


can you show error sceenshot

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Ca you also check the filenames of your assets. You may have a special character or something that could be causing it to break

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bro this is error

Server error: could not save one or more files. Please try again later!

and its coming like a notifer alert at bottom.

and one more thing previously it was working but dont know why it is not.

i checked there.
but i didnt finded anyone.
all my file name is short and without any unique characters.

Are they big? What is the size of your attachments.

Can you paste the exact error please

Server error: could not save one or more files. Please try again later!

this is error.

i used some text value in variable and i think they are big.

I asked how bbig your extensions are.

Can you save the AIA to your local computer or does that also cause a problem?

Are you able to use the companion to test?

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i didn’t used any extensions.
and on companion they are working fine.

do you wanna check my aia.

i am sending you the aia.
please have a look.

i solved it bro.
and i also find if we also use more text in app then it will create error during exporting.
i have a story app and i tried to save that stories offline using variable but it created problem.

i came up with a solution to store the story in assets.

and thanks again. for help @cian

Well I was going to say it is this proceedure causing the problem

You should uplload them as files.

Another few issues you have:

  1. You are not closing screens properly.
  2. You are using a custom package name. That does not work all the time. You could have issues with it.
  3. You have some If then loops that are empty. That can cause problems.

bro i sended you aia after downloading so i think package name get missed there.

yes this procedure was causing problem.

bro can u help in getting text from file.

i tried but it didnt worked.

i had seen some solutions you given to others but when i tried that it didn’t worked.

What did not work. What did you try, what are you trying to do?

bro i solved again sorry to bother but the solution you gived to some post there you forgot to mention to use // in starting to load from assets.

Ca you please reply to that thread and add your update!! Thanks!

i replied there check now.

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