Erro compilation in my project

When I send my build project the following error appears on the screen. (image attached)

and shows nothing but the error at the bottom of the image.

Can’t read the error message… Please translate it in English…

Server error: could not save one or more files. Please try again later !

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Try reloading tab… And/or clearing browser caches…

I have tried, and only this project of mine that happens this error, if I open another project and have compile it compiles normally.

Make a list of Components and Extensions you’re using and show us here…


Support allows you to want at this point, you have access to all data and projects from all clients, it is not the client that makes or makes this list, just open the project and check what is displayed.

The error is happening because of the number of blocks on the screen, if the amount is greater than 11000 thousand blocks kodular does not compile the application, if I delete the blocks and leave below 11000 thousand blocks the application compiles. Note no matter which blocks I delete can be any just delete and leave less than 11000 blocks. And now how do I compile my app?

Then why don’t you try to eliminate unnecessary codes? Use procedures to cut down blocks…

No way, the code needs to compile or application regardless of the number of blocks, even if it seems to compile, all blocks are essential to the functioning of the screen.


I need a solution to this problem

Show us blocks… Only then we could try to help you.

I don’t need to send photo like I said no matter which blocks are on the screen but the number of blocks, if you take a screen and place any block and duplicate it 11000 thousand times the application will not compile, I repeat the problem not which blocks and yes the number of blocks.

I spent 1 month making this screen because the more blocks the slower it gets to work so now I don’t compile

Then the solution is to cut down any one feature that may be less important.

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You’ve to sort down the number of codes … Please try to understand.

In the first image I sent has the name of the project, just access it and go to the screen that also shows in the image.

Is there a block limit?

Because you don’t take the aia file and do the test I’m saying, there are more than 11,000 blocks on screen4 that will randomly delete until around 103,00 blocks the project compiles.

Dude we’re here to help and you’re getting rude… We really want to help… But only if we can do…

i’m not being rude, i’m just saying what’s wrong because i have done the tests and been able to compile as i described it, ie it is not my project or blocks i am using but the amount of blocks independent of the project or blocks used would have how do you understand this?

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