Couldn't export aia and apk

i couldn’t export aia and apk file. could you please fix this as soon as possible.


First, welcome to the forum. Second, can you please show us an error message? Have you read this, too: How to ask a question?

Try clearing cache and cookies of browser

Can you show us a screenshot of your error message? And can you show us your blocks?


If you are not able to even do this, then it will be difficult for users to help you except for :kodular: staff



how to ask for kodular staff for this matter?

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Did you tried clearing cookies and cache??? Also give a chance to different browser
Recommend : chrome and Firefox
Also mention the app/AIA sze

it doesn’t work too:disappointed:

Your app/aia size???

idk. Maybe over 10MB

Try to use this button to export your aia and tell us if it works. Let’s see if it works.

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Still it didn’t work

Is this is problem on one particular project or all projects???

When I add more assets on it . Then this happen . Is it because of the projects size?

Maybe because kodular has a limit of app size

But before this It works well , even my apps size was 10MB above