The export of an app does not start

Hello, since yesterday I can not export one of my apps. There is also no error message. It just does not start. Other apps work. I have not added any more extensions and there are no errors in the block section

I can download the .aia, however.

What I already tried:

  1. Reload the tab
  2. Cookies deleted
  3. CCleaner used
  4. Export .aia and upload as a new project
  5. Create checkpoint

However, nothing worked …

You should give more info or post your aia? How big is your aia?

How big is your aia

The .aia file has a size of 1.17 MB.

post your aia

Is it ok if I send you the file?

Yes that is ok.

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I was able to build without any problem. I send you an apk to test.

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Ok, weird.
Also the apk works on the phone as it should…

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Have just seen when I tried again to export, after a few minutes then reloaded the page, that at the bottom of the page something with “server error” (or something like that) was. I could not read the rest anymore.

I can see that you have a image inside that is much to big.


And i see that you have an extension inside that has in part his own component in Kodular. See device utilities.

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I have now removed both things, but unfortunately it still does not work.

No idea why, but it works with Google Chrome. Otherwise I always use Firefox.

So no idea what Firefox has against this one project.

Thanks Peter.


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