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what is your file size?/ i mean aia size?

Checking in to my crystal ball!



My comment won’t help, but I’ll post: my old project, just for testing, had several extensions. I tried to create the apk (last Wednesday) and this message came up. Checked if the compilers and builder were ONLINE. YES they were. I made a copy of the project, removed everything I wouldn’t need and managed to create the app (a student registration form using speech - to speed up the registration of old students and automate school tasks)
I have no idea what the problem was…:joy:


Peace …
How can i know what size




due to this


it seems you have not handled perfectly the logics… Try to minimize the blocks by using when any button clicked event

what you gonna do with 1085 buttons??
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Peace …
Yes my app has a relatively large list :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
I tried again unable to download APK / AAP
Very slow maybe this is the reason for not downloading

You cont do anything with above buttons. Better try from the scratch. Next time keep this point in mind. Do not use multiple number of components

This project will replicate your project and it has less blocks and components
peqiin_Business2.aia (310.0 KB)

P.S. It’s not complete and you would have to do some work your self

peqiin_Business2.xlsx (19.8 KB)